WI-Fi RFID Location

AeroScout recognizes that there is no single “right” technology for visibility – customers have complex needs that often require a combination of visibility methods for multiple uses. For example, Wi-Fi RFID asset tracking is the best solution for large enterprise facilities, while Passive RFID can facilitate the auto-identification for a high volume of consumable items. The value of a real-time visibility solution for the enterprise lies in finding a single platform that addresses all these needs, and applies consistent business rules across them.

AeroScout's Unified Asset Visibility solution is the only platform able to provide true enterprise visibility over a single Wi-Fi standard infrastructure, combining a wide variety of information about valuable mobile assets, including location (indoor and outdoor RTLS), Auto-Identification (Active and Passive RFID), status/condition (sensors and telemetry) and others. This enables customers to choose a combination of technologies to support multiple visibility applications all over a single unified Wi-Fi network.

Leveraging existing pervasive Wi-Fi networks is key to deploying real-time visibility solutions. Telemetry and sensor applications can be deployed over the Wi-Fi network, thus eliminating the need for designated sensor networks and readers. Assets should maintain visibility throughout the entire enterprise; for example dual mode tags combining Wi-Fi and Ultrasound in a hospital, enable the same tags to be located with Wi-Fi throughout the entire facility and with Ultrasound only in areas where a 100% room level resolution is required. Additionally, combined GPS and Wi-Fi solutions can be used for outdoor inventory applications or disaster emergency situations.

AeroScout has integrated the following technologies into its solution:

  • Wi-Fi RFID
  • GPS
  • Low Frequency
  • Ultrasound
  • Passive RFID
  • Sensors & Telemetry (e.g. temperature, humidity, gas exposure, motion)

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