Industrial Customer Testimonials

AeroScout Installs IoT System for Stanley Black & Decker
Internet of Things (IoT) Transforms Operations at Stanley Black & Decker
Stanley Black & Decker

Internet of Things (IoT) Transforms Operations at Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker partnered with Cisco and AeroScout Industrial to install an "Internet of Everything" system in their manufacturing plant in Reynosa, Mexico. The solution improved product throughput and labor ef…
Freescale Semiconductor Uses Equipment Tracking by AeroScout
Improvement in Production Volumes at Freescale Semiconductor
Freescale Semiconductor

Freescale Semiconductor is tracking work in progress wafer lots and is realizing substantial benefits:

  • 82% improvement in wafer lot retrieval time
  • 6.8% productivity improvement (Turns/Labor Hours)
  • 13% on time delivery improvement
  • Dispatch compliance improvement: 8% average throughout Fab, 25% in photo-lithography
  • Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Given the high production volumes in semiconductor manufacturing and speed-to-market requirements, it’s essential that our facilities move work-in-progress products throughout the manufacturing process as quickly as possible. The AeroScout solution is especially attractive in that it can use our Wi-Fi network without impacting existing operations, and has been embraced by our fab’s operators due to its ease of use.
Chris Magnella, Operations manager, Oak Hill Fab, Freescale Semiconductor
Worker Safety Solution Deployed at Marathon Petroleum Corporation
Wi-Fi Worker Safety Solution Deployed at Marathon Petroleum Corporation
Marathon Petroleum Corporation

The worker safety solution deployed at Marathon integrates Wi-Fi and location-based technologies with multi-gas detectors to allow companies to remotely monitor incidents.

Our deployment of this pioneering solution follows extensive evaluation of its functionality and costs. The tested solution gives our workers a greater sense of confidence that their safety is being monitored in ways that have never been possible before in our industry. In addition, its proven cost effectiveness has allowed us to deploy the solution across the entire refinery.
Don McCord, Operations Manager, Illinois Refining Division, Marathon Petroleum Corporation
AeroScout's Asset Tracking Solution for Viracon
AeroScout Eliminated Manual Scanning Process at Viracon

Viracon glass is tracking work in progress glass carriers to increase productivity and manufacturing throughput and reduce scrap.

AeroScout eliminated the manual scanning process and removed human error. We went from between several hours to several minutes to find a carrier, down to less than a minute.
Matt Miesner, Six Sigma Blackbelt, Viracon
AeroScout's WIP Tracking Solution Implemented at Continental Tire
20 Percent Decrease in Continental Tire Losses by WIP Tracking
Continental Tire

Continental Tire implemented a Wi-Fi-based real-time visibility solution designed to efficiently track and manage tire assembly and material carriers. The automated Work-in-Process Tracking drives lean manufacturing and enables 20 percent decrease in component tire losses.

To meet growing customer demand, we needed to ensure current operations were running as efficiently as possible. The combined AeroScout and Global Data Sciences solution provides real-time visibility into the inventory on the plant floor and allows us to drive lean manufacturing without the risk of running out of material.
Greg Pemberton, MIS Director at Continental Tire of the Americas.
Dundee Precious Metals Enhances Productivity & Safety at Chelopech Mine
Dundee Precious Metals

Dundee Precious Metals utilizes Aeroscout asset tracking to enhance communication, productivity and safety at Chelopech Mine in Bulgaria.

The Chelopech Mine is committed to the safety of its workers and is using AeroScout to support these efforts. In addition, we are improving efficiency and productivity through asset tracking and management. We are proud of these achievements and encourage the mining industry to learn more about the value of RFID solutions,
Mark Gelsomini, Corporate Director IT, Dundee Precious Metals.
AeroScout's RTLS Solution Enhances Platform Safety & Efficiency

COTEMAR Deploys AeroScout RTLS to Enhance Offshore Platform Safety, Security and Efficiency. The AeroScout Worker Safety Solution Tracks the Location of All Staff and Guests on Four Vessels that Support Oil & Gas Platforms.

Safety is a top priority for us, but we also want guests to be comfortable and to be able to move about with relative ease. We found that solutions based on Passive RFID simply aren’t suitable and can’t stand up to the rigors, technical requirements, and harsh conditions of offshore platforms. However, AeroScout’s RTLS solution, which is based on its industry-leading Active RFID tags, has proven to be the ideal solution for our needs.
Pedro Salguero, Chief of IT, COTEMAR.
TNT Express Uses AeroScout's Logistics Solution
TNT Express Manages 16,000 Cages with AeroScout's Logistics Solution
TNT Express

TNT Express Manages 16,000 cages with AeroScout’s logistics solution to improve operations across 236 depots in 29 countries.

With real-time visibility of our assets we’re able to maximize efficiencies across the board. The AeroScout solution eliminates almost completely the manual inventory scanning of roll cages and empowers us to make quicker and better decisions.
Ben Klaassen, Managing Director, TNT Express Worldwide Networks.
AeroScout's Vehicle Tracking Solution for Arnold Clark
AeroScout's Perfect Inventory Tracking at Arnold Clark
Arnold Clark Automobiles

Arnold Clark Automobiles, Europe’s largest independent auto dealer, is driving changes in sales and service experience through indoor-outdoor vehicle tracking mobility solution for staff productivity, collaboration and superior customer service.

We try to get the right cars in the hands of the right customers as quickly as we can. We only have a customer’s attention for about 10 minutes when they arrive on the lot – if we can’t find what they’re looking for in that time, they move on. With 1,000 cars on our lot, it became clear that we needed a better way to serve our clients and track our inventory.
Eddie Hawthorn, Managing Director, Arnold Clark Automobiles.