Comprehensive Wi-Fi Tag Family Meets the Needs of a Variety of Industries and Solutions

AeroScout's Wi-Fi RFID Tags are small, battery-powered wireless devices used for accurate asset tracking of any asset or person. AeroScout's active RFID tags utilize standard Wi-Fi networks to track high-value assets and people in real time, in any environment – from indoor locations such as manufacturing floors to open outdoor locations such as parking lots and shipping yards. This unique Wi-Fi RFID technology extends the capabilities of wireless networks to new applications that drive enterprise efficiency and productivity.

All AeroScout tags are Wi-Fi compatible and offer a wide range of features including long battery life, sensors (such as motion and temperature), call buttons, telemetry, choke point functionality, indoor and outdoor operation, intrinsically safe versions, and flexible mounting options. Select any of the tag types below to learn more.

RFID Tags (T2) Wifi Based - AeroScout RFID TechnologyRFID Tags (T3) - AeroScout RFID TechnologyActive RFID Tags (T4) - AeroScout
Active RFID Tags (T5 Sensor) - AeroScoutActive RFID Tags (T6 GPS) - AeroScout