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AeroScout provides a single, unified Wi-Fi-based solution for enterprises in numerous industries to address critical business problems

AeroScout RTLS solutions utilize standard Wi-Fi networks as a single unified wireless architecture for visibility, providing business logic to address customer needs. Whether you are hospital planning to track and improve medical equipment utilization and patient flow, a manufacturer trying to streamline production processes and improve worker safety, AeroScout has a solution to match your need.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial environments such as mines, oil & gas facilities, semiconductor and other process and discrete manufacturing plants, are complex, cost sensitive and highly dynamic; products, equipment, vehicles and workers are constantly moving within and between facilities. Production and overall operational efficiency are key success factors. In many cases, though, productivity is slowed or halted due to lack of visibility of the location and status of assets and people. Not knowing where the next work in process (WIP) case or carrier is in a large manufacturing facility might lead to longer cycle times and incompliance with production schedule. Lost items stall customer orders and cause unnecessary reproduction and waste. Equipment shared among several programs is often misplaced or missing. Line side inventory needs to be optimized and delivered just in time. Some harsh environments require special measurements in order to ensure people’s safety and efficient evacuation processes during emergency. AeroScout’s wireless solutions provide much-needed clarity to these challenges, increasing visibility within industrial sites and delivering the tools to improve operations.
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Other Industries

The AeroScout solutions are suitable for a broad range of industries such as Logistics and Transportation, Education, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Government and Financial institutions. These organizations face a variety of challenges, including lack of efficiency, increasing financial pressure, regulatory mandates, and an ongoing need for improved worker safety. Many of these problems share a common cause –lack of visibility into the real-time location, status and condition of assets and people. AeroScout’s wireless solutions provide much-needed clarity to these challenges by providing this real-time visibility and streamlining asset management, optimizing workflows, automating temperature monitoring, and improving safety. Visit to learn more about AeroScout in healthcare.
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