AeroScout MobileView

AeroScout MobileView is the industry's most advanced end-user application for Real-time Visibility Solutions, adding a critical layer of business logic automation to all of an enterprise's location, status and condition data

MobileView turns asset visibility information that is received from multiple data sources into real business solutions, delivering sophisticated mapping, rules-based alerting and reporting functions in a scalable, proven software platform. With MobileView, developers and end users can apply their own context-based rules and business logic to visibility information, truly leveraging their data for efficient and intuitive applications in many different industries.

Customers use MobileView to TRACK, ALERT, MANAGE and INTEGRATE from a single, enterprise-ready platform.

MobileView Highlights

  • Intuitive Asset Visualization
    AeroScout MobileView includes a flexible, Web-based tool for locating and viewing assets in real-time. A few clicks is all it takes to locate an asset or a group of assets. Easily populate and store intelligence about assets and physical locations, including categorization, icons, images and named zones.
  • Improvement of Business Processes
    An embedded event processing engine enables an easy creation of various rules-based events and alerts triggered by asset location, status, condition or other factors. These alerts can be sent to workstations, phones, pagers and other 3rd party applications to automate and improve everyday processes.
  • Flexible Sources and Outputs
    Integration with multiple visibility data sources – Wi-Fi RFID, Ultrasound, GPS, Passive RFID, sensors, etc. – as well as third party applications.
  • Industry Application Modules
    Built-in modules and applications for specific industry applications (e.g., Temperature Monitoring, Par Level Management, Equipment Utilization, Worker Safety)
  • Open Development Platform
    AeroScout MobileView is both an end user application and a development platform, with an integration engine and all the tools necessary for developers to create their own customized industry solutions.
  • Enterprise-Ready Features
    Support for clustering and redundancy, a distributed architecture, capacity for tens of thousands of assets, and sophisticated user management make MobileView ideal for large enterprises.
  • Reports
    Out-of-the-box scheduled and on-demand reports (e.g., utilization, inventory, par levels, temperature trending).

AeroScout Instant Notifier

The AeroScout Instant Notifier application provides an effective way to immediately notify users when a MobileView alert occurs. The application automatically pops-up a window that displays important information about the event, including its current location on a map, status and an identifying image (such as an icon or photo). Instant Notifier also includes configurable message output, rules-based processing and optional audible alarms.

Instant Notifier delivers the ability to communicate business events or emergencies, as they occur, to the appropriate staff. For example, hospital staff can receive immediate alerts on their PC’s when a refrigerator’s temperature is out of range.

To learn more about AeroScout MobileView and Instant Notifier, including key functionality and ordering information, please download the data sheets or contact us at

MobileView Locator for iPad

The MobileView Locator for iPad allows mobile users to search for tagged assets using the iPad.  This native iOS application is available from the Apple® App Store, offering MobileView users simple, location-aware search capabilities. 

Product Highlights

  • Complete applications and solutions
  • Intuitive visualization of location, status and condition
  • Automated business processes
  • Advanced reporting functions
  • Enterprise-grade platform
  • Event and alert rules engine
  • Flexible development and integration platform