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Discover the Benefits of Location Bases Services (LBS)

Now available with 3rd Generation Intel Core vPro Processors for Windows 7 devices and 4th Generation Intel Core vPRo Processors for Windows 7 and 8.

In today's competitive environment, fast access to information is increasingly important. Indoor location-based services (LBS) are a powerful tool to help locate and retrieve items quickly, with proven ability to enhance productivity and efficiency across a broad range of industries.

Extending the value of Location-Based Services with Intel

Now Intel and AeroScout, a leader in LBS infrastructure, have joined forces to deliver seamless Wi-Fi based indoor location services on Intel-based devices.  Powered by AeroScout Wi-Fi tags integrated directly into devices, such as tablets, notebooks and Ultrabooks, the Intel® vPro Technology, Location-Based Service uses existing Wi-Fi enterprise infrastructures to help locate people and assets.

Once users download MobileView software, the Intel-device owner has access to two indoor location use cases out-of-the-box.  These use cases can help organizations lower the cost of asset management and increase worker efficiency.   At no cost, enterprises can use these capabilities to evaluate and understand the power of location services:

  • Find Near Me – Find people & assets (conference rooms, printers, building facilities, and equipment) near a person using mobile search screen and Intel LBS.
  • Enterprise IT Asset Management - The integration of MobileView and a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) allows customers to efficiently manage the lifecycle of capital assets across the enterprise.

Other Applications are available with purchase:

  • Mobile Worker – Location aware mobile computer to view procedure and repair manuals to fix equipment within the plant.
  • Worker Safety – Real-time location visibility for staff, visitors and contractors to ensure safety and security including during an evacuation or incident.
  • Mobile outdoor equipment tracking – Creating efficient routes for retrieval of assets in a construction yard, automotive dealership including integration with existing systems (dispatching systems, CMMS, ERP).


Click here for the Location Based Services Platform Selection Guide

Product Highlights

  • Provides seamless Wi-Fi based indoor location service

  • Supports existing enterprise infrastructure

  • Use “find near me” to quickly locate people or items

  • Manages the lifecycle of capital assets across the enterprise more efficiently